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iOS 17: The Game-Changer for Entrepreneurs and Businesses in 2023 and Beyond

Explore the transformative features of iOS 17 tailored for entrepreneurs and businesses. From StandBy Mode to Enhanced Sharing, discover how Apple's latest update can redefine your business operations for 2023 and beyond.

iOS 17: The Game-Changer for Entrepreneurs and Businesses in 2023 and Beyond

Apple’s newest update, iOS 17, is packed with features that can transform how entrepreneurs and businesses operate. This article will guide you through the top 10 features that can help you work smarter, not harder.


Discover how iOS 17 is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs and businesses operate in 2023 and beyond. From StandBy Mode’s glanceable information to Live Voicemail’s real-time transcriptions and Enhanced Sharing for team collaboration, this article breaks down the top 10 features that are designed to optimize your productivity, professionalism, and overall business efficiency.

# 1. StandBy Mode: Your New Office Clock

StandBy Mode delivers a new full-screen experience with glanceable information designed to view from a distance when you turn your iPhone on its side while charging. This feature can be particularly useful for entrepreneurs who need to keep track of time, notifications, or other essential information while working. StandBy mode also integrates Siri results, making it easier to play music or set reminders from a distance.

# 2. Contact Posters: Make Every Call Count

Contact Posters allow you to customize how you appear on other people’s devices when you call them. This feature can help businesses create a more professional and personalized calling experience for their clients or partners. You can choose from a variety of templates and customize them with your brand colors, logo, and other elements to make a lasting impression.

# 3. Live Voicemail: Never Miss What Matters

Live Voicemail displays a live transcription as someone leaves a message, allowing you to pick up the call if necessary. This feature can help entrepreneurs manage their calls more efficiently and never miss an important message. Unknown numbers will go directly to Live Voicemail when you have Silence Unknown Callers turned on, and calls identified as spam by carriers will be instantly declined.

# 4. Improved Autocorrect: Type Like a Pro

iOS 17 includes a state-of-the-art language model for word prediction that greatly improves autocorrection on the iPhone. This feature can help entrepreneurs type faster and more accurately, reducing the chances of errors in their messages or documents. On-device machine learning intelligently corrects mistakes with greater accuracy than ever before, and users will receive predictive text recommendations inline as they type.

# 5. Interactive Widgets: Your To-Do List, Upgraded

Interactive widgets in iOS 17 allow users to interact with them directly, such as crossing an item off a to-do list or controlling music playback. This feature can help entrepreneurs stay organized and manage their tasks more efficiently. Widgets can be customized to display relevant information and actions, streamlining your workflow and reducing the need to open multiple apps.

# 6. NameDrop: Networking Made Easy

NameDrop is a new feature in AirDrop that simplifies contact sharing. This can be particularly useful for entrepreneurs who need to share their contact information quickly and easily during networking events or meetings. With just a few taps, you can send your contact details to another iPhone user, making it easier to connect and collaborate.

# 7. Offline Apple Maps: Navigate Like a Boss

iOS 17 brings offline support for Apple Maps, allowing users to access maps and directions without an internet connection. This feature can be beneficial for entrepreneurs who travel frequently and need reliable navigation tools. You can download maps for specific regions, ensuring that you always have access to accurate directions and information about local businesses and points of interest.

# 8. Journal App: Reflect to Perfect

The upcoming Journal app in iOS 17 will use machine learning to create suggestions of moments that you might want to remember, prompting you to journal based on things like photos, music, workouts, and more. This app can help entrepreneurs reflect on their daily experiences and maintain a healthy work-life balance. By capturing and organizing your thoughts, you can gain valuable insights into your personal and professional growth.

# 9. Personal Voice: Speak and Be Heard

iOS 17 introduces Personal Voice, an accessibility feature that replicates your voice after a 15-minute training session. This feature can be useful for entrepreneurs who need to create voiceovers or presentations with a consistent and professional tone. By using your own voice, you can convey your message more authentically and effectively.

# 10. Enhanced Sharing and Collaboration: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

iOS 17 brings improvements to sharing and collaboration features, such as collaborative playlists in Apple Music and daily crossword puzzles in Apple News+. These features can help entrepreneurs stay connected and engaged with their teams or clients. By working together on shared projects and activities, you can foster a sense of community and collaboration within your organization.

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# FAQ: iOS 17 for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

# Q: What are the new communication features in iOS 17?

A: iOS 17 is a game-changer when it comes to communication. Here’s how:

  • Live Voicemail: This feature transcribes voicemails in real-time. So, if you’re in a meeting and see a crucial client is leaving a voicemail, you can read the transcription and decide whether to interrupt your meeting to take the call.

  • Contact Posters: Imagine calling a client and having your business logo and tagline appear on their screen. That’s what Contact Posters do. They let you customize how you appear on other people’s devices when you call them, adding a layer of professionalism.

  • Upgrades to Phone, FaceTime, and Messages: These aren’t just minor tweaks. The Phone app now has a smarter directory, FaceTime offers spatial audio, and Messages has new collaborative features. All these upgrades make communication smoother and more efficient.

# Q: How can entrepreneurs benefit from StandBy mode in iOS 17?

A: StandBy mode is like your personal assistant on your desk. When you place your iPhone on its side while charging, it turns into a full-screen display showing you the time, notifications, and other essential information. What’s more, Siri is integrated into this mode. So, you can set reminders or play your focus playlist without even touching your phone. It’s perfect for those deep work sessions.

# Q: What are the improvements in autocorrect in iOS 17?

A: Typos can be embarrassing and unprofessional. iOS 17 aims to fix that with a new, smarter autocorrect feature. It uses on-device machine learning to understand the context better and offer more accurate corrections and predictive text recommendations. So, whether you’re dashing off a quick email or typing up a business proposal, iOS 17 helps ensure you come across as polished and precise.

# Q: How does Live Voicemail work in iOS 17?

A: Live Voicemail is like having a secretary screen your calls. When someone leaves a voicemail, the transcription appears in real-time. If the call is from an unknown number, it will go directly to Live Voicemail if you have the ‘Silence Unknown Callers’ feature turned on. Even better, calls identified as spam by your carrier will be declined automatically. It’s a great way to manage your calls without constant interruptions.

# Q: What are the interactive widgets in iOS 17, and how can entrepreneurs use them?

A: Widgets on iOS 17 have gotten a serious upgrade—they’re now interactive. For example, if you have a to-do list widget, you can cross off tasks right from the home screen. Or if you have a music widget, you can control playback without opening the app. These widgets can be customized to show the information most relevant to you, streamlining your workflow. It’s like having the control panel of your business right on your home screen.

# Further Reading Resources

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